Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment is composed of five regular members and one alternate member serving three-year terms. One member of the Board of Adjustment must also be a member of the Planning Commission, and one member must reside in the City's extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). The purpose of this board is to hear appellate matters, interpret the City's zoning map, and grant variances. The current regular members of the Board of Adjustment are Adrian Cantrell, Don Dooley, Debbie Mattheis, Nate Rath, and Josh Thompson, and the alternate is Chris Helms.

Library Board

The Library Board consists of five residents of the City of Yutan, serving four-year terms. This board typically meets at the Yutan Public Library on the first Monday of each month. The Library Board has general charge of the City library and library employees and establishes rules and regulations for the management, operation, and use of the library. Mary Arp, Lynn Hapke, Nate Mumm, Mary Robinson, and Meg Stafford currently serve on the Library Board.  

Board of Health

Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Board

The Board of Health is made up of four members serving one-year terms. The mayor, president of the city council, and police chief are, by default, three of the members. The fourth member is a physician or health care provider, if one can be found to serve on this board. The board enacts rules and regulations to safeguard the health of the people of the City. As prescribed by city code, the members of the Board of Health are Mayor Darin Egr, City Council President Jim McLaughlin, and Police Chief Tim Hannan; the fourth member of the Board of Health is Dr. Jared Pehrson.

The Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Board is composed of five members serving four-year terms. When active, this board establishes rules and regulations for the use, maintenance, and management of all of the City's recreational facilities and parks under the supervision and direction of the city council. Josh Watson and Luke Woster are the only current members of the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Board; the board is currently inactive, as it does not have enough active members to constitute a quorum. There are currently three openings for this board.

Community Redevelopment Authority

The Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA) consists of five members serving five-year terms. The CRA is the entity responsible for facilitating economic redevelopment and overseeing tax-increment financing (TIF) projects within the corporate limits of Yutan. The Community Redevelopment Authority has all of the powers set forth in state statutes §18-2101 through §18-2154 as well as any additional powers granted by the Legislature. At this time, JC Long, Kevin Johnson, Jim McLaughlin, Luke Woster, and Darin Egr serve on the CRA.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is made up of seven regular members and one alternate member with three-year terms. This board meets as-needed, no less than four times a year. The Planning Commission is an advisory board that is required to meet in order to consider requests for zoning action and provide recommendations to the Yutan City Council on proposals. The current regular members of the Plannning Commission are Kevin Bradford, Don Dooley, Paul Rupp, Kevin Shea, William Smith, and Stephanie Wilson; there are openings for one regular member and one alternate member on the Planning Commission.