The administration department manages the day-to-day financial, clerical, and managerial responsibilities under the direction of the mayor and city council.

Utilizing the 2015 ICC building codes and the City's zoning ordinance, the building, planning, and zoning department supervises and regulates legal, responsible development within the City of Yutan and its extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).

The Yutan Public Library, established in 1966, considers it their mission to provide informational, educational, cultural, and recreational materials and technologies to library patrons of all ages. 

The City's park system includes two playgrounds, two ball field complexes, and a splash pad. The City of Yutan also offers different community events throughout the year.

The Yutan Police Department is devoted to maintaining the safety, peace, order, and cleanliness of the City of Yutan by enforcing the City's ordinances, addressing public nuisances, and responding to citizen complaints and concerns.

Employees of the public works department are tasked with the maintenance and improvement of the City's water, sewer, and street systems.