The public works department is tasked with the maintenance and improvement of the City's water, sewer, and street systems. Our operators work to ensure that the community has safe drinking water, efficient and well-maintained infrastructure, and streets kept in good condition. 

The public works department maintains Yutan's water system through daily testing and routine maintenance of the two active wells, one emergency well, pumps, and mains. The water operators are also responsible for minor repairs and water main breaks. Additionally, the public works department monitors water quality through regular testing. 

In addition to these duties, public works employees provide locates for water and sewer lines, conduct snow removal, street maintenance, read water meters, facilitate discharges of the City's three lagoons, and coordinate with members of the public to address concerns with the City's infrastructure. 

Luke Woster.jpg

Luke Woster
Utilities Superintendent

Cody Cardin
Utilities Assistant